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Premium Outlet

Mirabel, QC -
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Project Overview

Premium Outlet intended to build a commercial complex at Mirabel (QC) over a total area around 90 000 m2 having the following distribution: - 5 000 m2 for the lighting bases - 85 000 m2 for buildings including an over-width Menard Canada was awarded the soil improvement works consisting of dynamic compaction and rapid impact compaction in order to mitigate the liquefaction potential of existing soils.

Provided Solution

Up to three rapid impact compaction (RIC) and one dynamic compaction rigs allowed Menard Canada to compact an area of about 90 000 m2 within several months. A total of 65 standard penetration tests (SPT) and 33 Vane shear tests (shear resistance of the clay) were performed on site. Vibrations and induced settlement by dynamic compaction were also monitored/recorded. Results showed both achievement of liquefaction remediation criterion and non-disturbance of the clay layer after treatment.